Chapter 12. Working with Line Items

Table of Contents

Line Item Attributes
Add Items to a Line Item
Line Item Batch updater
Line Item Actions
Line Item Notes and Alerts
Line Item Status
Delete a Line Item

Line items represent bibliographic records on a selection list or purchase order.

Line Item Attributes

Line item attributes are characteristics of the bibliographic record, such as ISBN or Title. Line items also contain copy information, price information, notes, and alerts.


Title & Publishing information - Title & Publishing information from the bibliographic record. If there is a jacket cover it will be displayed.

Line Item Status - Refer to the section called “Line Item Status” for details.

Order Identifier - Line items that are created from existing MARC records may have multiple ISBNs, ISSNs, or UPCs attached to the record (depending on the type of item). Users are able to specify which ISBN, ISSN, or UPC to display in the purchase order sent to providers. User can also add new identifiers as needed. This function helps to ensure that the correct edition of an item is ordered.

  • From the drop down menu chose the appropriate ISBN, ISSN, or UPC; or you can highlight the existing identifier and type in or paste your new identifier.

Estimated Price - A purchase order will not activate without the Estimated Price field filled in for each line item. The price entered into Estimated Price is the amount that will be encumbered for the item. It is also the amount that will appear in the price field of the copy editor for all copies created from this line item.

Actions - Use the Actions link to perform specific actions on a line item.

Refer to the section called “Line Item Actions” for details.

Line Item Tracking - Throughout the acquisitions process the line item tracking field will show where the items attached to the line item are in the process as well as the money estimated, encumbered, and paid.

Line Item ID = A unique system generated ID# which can be used to search for & retrieve line items.

Count of Existing Items on Line items. When displaying Acquisitions line items within the Selection List and Purchase Order interfaces, Evergreen displays a count of existing catalogue items on the line item. The count of existing catalogue items refers to the number of items owned at the ordering agency and / or the ordering agency’s child organization units.

  • The counts display for line items that have a direct link to a catalog record. Generally, this includes line items created as "on order" based on an existing catalog record.

    • If the existing item count is greater than zero, then the count will display in bold and red on the line item.
    • If no existing items are found, a "0" (zero) will display in plain text.
  • The count of existing items does not include items that are in either a Lost or a Missing status.

Items - Use the Items link to add item information to a line item.

Line Item Detailed view

  • Click Expand on a line item to display the detailed view for that line item.
  • Click Expand All to display the detailed view for all line items.

    • Clicking Expand or Expand All a second time will close the detailed view.

Notes and Alerts - Use the Notes link to add notes or alerts to a line item.

Catalog link / Link to Catalog - If the line item is linked to a bibliographic record in the catalogue Catalog will display. When Link to Catalog displays it indicates that the bibliographic record for the line item has not yet been loaded into the catalogue. It can be loaded manually by clicking the link or automatically when the purchase order is activated.

Line Item Worksheet

  1. Click the worksheet link on the line item for which you would like to view the worksheet.
  2. The line item worksheet will appear.
  3. Click Print Worksheet if you would like a printed copy.
  4. When you are finished, click Return to return to your selection list or purchase order.

Patron Requests - this feature is not currently used by Sitka libraries

Invoice - a link to the invoice

Provider - the name of the provider for the line item.

Queue - a link to the Acquisitions queue

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