Chapter 50. Booking Module

Table of Contents

Create Booking reservations
Reservation Pull List
Capture Resources for Reservations
Pick Up Reservations
Return Reservations
Manage Reservations

Sitka Training Video - Booking Module (10:36)

Create Booking reservations

Sitka Snippet Video - Create Reservations,window=_blank

Only staff members may create reservations. A reservation can be started from a patron record, or from the booking module. To reserve catalogued items, you may start from searching the catalogue.

Create reservations from the patron record

  1. Retrieve the patron record.
  2. Click OtherBooking: Create Reservation.

    create reservation
  3. This will open the Create Reservations screen.

Create reservations from the catalogue

If you would like to reserve a catalogued item but do not know the item barcode, you may start with a catalogue search.

  1. In the staff client, click CataloguingSearch the Catalogue. You may search by any bibliographic information.
  2. Click the title to display the record summary. Click Holdings View → select Copy → click ActionsBook Item Now.

    book item now
  3. This will open the Create Reservations screen.


If you know the catalogued item’s barcode a reservation can be created from Item Status (Scan the barcode → ActionsBook Item Now).

Create reservations

  1. Click BookingCreate Reservations.

    1. from the patron record, click OtherBooking: Create Reservation.
    2. from the catalogue record, click Holdings View → select Copy → click ActionsBook Item Now.

      create reservation
  2. Reservation type - Choose Single day reservation or Multiple day reservation

    single day reservation
    multi day reservation
  3. Reservation date - Enter the reservation date(s)
  4. Reservation details - use the filters to find a bookable resource

    1. Choose resource by type - use this to see all resources of a specific type

      create reservation
    2. Choose resource by barcode - use this if you know the barcode of the resource you want to reserve

      create reservation
  5. Click Create Reservation
  6. Confirm Reservation Details

    1. Patron barcode - enter or search for the patron barcode.
    2. Start time - choose or confirm the start time for the reservation.
    3. End time - choose or confirm the end time for the reservation.
    4. Reservation location - the library where the resource is picked up or used.
    5. Resource - choose Any resource to reserve any available resource of the chosen resource type or choose a specific resource barcode from the drop down menu.
    6. Notify by email? - check the box to notify the patron by email when the resource is ready for pick up
    7. Note - enter a note (optional)

      create reservation
  7. Click Confirm reservation or Confirm and show patron reservations to save the reservation.

Schedule settings

The schedule start time and end time will match your Hours of Operation.

  1. Start Time - adjust the schedule start time.
  2. End time - adjust the schedule end time.
  3. Granularity - adjust the schedule granularity. Options are 15 min, 30 min or 60 min.

    schedule settings

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