Via View/Place Orders

The View/Place Order function is useful for ordering additional copies of a title that is already in the catalogue.

  1. Search the Sitka catalogue to find the title you wish to purchase. See Searching the Database for Cataloguing Purposes for more information.
  2. Click on the title to open the record.
  3. Click Other ActionsView/Place Orders

  4. Any line items already associated with the bibliographic record will be listed.
  5. Click Create Purchase Order

  6. Choose your library from the Ordering Agency drop down menu. The Ordering Agency for multi-branch libraries is often the system rather than specific branches.
  7. If desired, enter a purchase order name. Your providers may have requirements for the naming of purchase orders.

    1. If you do not enter a name the purchase order ID will be used.
    2. You can change the name to any grouping of letters or numbers as determined by your library’s policies.
    3. You can reuse purchase order names as long as a name is never used twice in the same year.
  8. Choose your provider from the drop down menu.
  9. If prepayment is required, check the box for Prepayment Required.
  10. Do NOT check the box for Import Bibs and Create Copied. This should be done as part of activiatig the purchase order.
  11. Click Create

  12. The purchase order is created.

  13. See Chapter 10, Adding Line Items to Purchase Orders for ways to add additional line items.


    See Chapter 12, Working with Line Items for information on updating your line items.


    See the section called “Activating Purchase Orders” for information on activating your purchase order.

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