Chapter 61. Patron Notifications

Table of Contents

Email Notifications
Checking for Notifications
Courtesy Notifications
Overdue Notifications
Circulation Notifications
Hold Notifications
Patron Account Related Notifications

Libraries can opt in to a number of automated patron notifications. These notifications are set up by Co-op Support. If you are unsure what notifications your library has set up, please contact Co-op Support.

Notifications are sent in three ways, depending on the notification:

Email Notifications

When sending out emails the BC Libraries Cooperative needs to follow all of the best practices and conventions in order to avoid our emails being marked as spam and to have the best chance of the emails being delivered successfully to your patrons. One of the important things we do is ensure that any emails sent from our servers have a From address with a domain that can be verified as coming from our servers. This means that all emails sent by Evergreen will come from

How this displays to your patrons will depend on their email client.

To discourage patrons from responding to these automated notifications most of them start with This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

In the email notification templates the Reply to address is set to use the email address set for your library in the library setting Sending email address for patron notices. This ensures that if patrons do reply those replies are directed to the email of your choice. Bounced emails are also directed to this email address and we encourage staff to invalidate any email addresses that bounce to help keep us from being blacklisted by email providers.

Email notifications from Sitka’s Evergreen are not spam and should not be marked as spam by either patrons or staff. If patrons do not wish to receive them they can opt out of receiving most notification emails through the Notification Preferences in My Account. When this box is unchecked patrons will not receive courtesy, overdue, autorenew, emergency closing, new patron, patron account expiration, or fine limit exceeded notifications.

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