Chapter 58. Sitka’s Patron Deletion Tool

Table of Contents

Accessing the Patron Deletion Tool
Deleting Inactive Cards
Deleting Patron Accounts
Undeleting Patron Accounts

The Patron Deletion Tool developed by the Sitka team allows local system administrators to delete inactive cards and patron accounts while retaining statistics.

Staff can only delete cards and accounts for patrons whose home library is their library or one of their branches. In some cases staff may need to update a patron’s home library in order for an account to be deleted.



An active patron lost a card and was issued a new one (using Replace Barcode)

Delete the lost card (optional)

A patron is no longer active and their account should be removed completely

Delete patron account

An active patron has more than one account

Merge the accounts. Choose the card number that you want to keep as the lead record. See Merging Patron Accounts.


Evergreen checks against all patrons (un-deleted and deleted) to determine whether a username is available to be used.

If the patron has not changed the username it will match their barcode.

If there is any possibility that the username or barcode will be needed in the future staff should prefix the username on the current account with DELETED before deleting the account.

Accessing the Patron Deletion Tool

The patron deletion tool can be accessed from the staff client home page.

  1. On the staff client home page click Patron Deletion Tool found in the Administration box.


  2. The Patron Deletion Tool will open in a new tab. Enter a local system administrator username and password and click Login.


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