Chapter 4. Recommended Workflows

Table of Contents

Workflow: Upload MARC Records
Workflow: Order Shelf Ready Items
Workflow: Order from the Catalogue
Workflow: Blanket Orders
Workflow: Invoice Only

The Evergreen Acquisitions module is flexible and can accommodate many different Acquisitions procedures. The workflows discussed in this chapter are recommend for Sitka’s Acquisitions libraries.

Workflow: Upload MARC Records


Sitka’s Enhanced On Order Record workflow - This workflow should be followed by libraries that download brief Marc records from their provider’s website. This workflow assumes you have been setup for EDI.

Selecting Your Items

  1. Create a cart on your provider’s website and add the desired items to the cart.

    1. Assign line item templates while adding items to the cart.
  2. Download the MARC records for the items in the cart.

    1. Save the .mrc file on your computer. It’s important to remember where you save it.
  3. Do NOT submit the cart as an order to your provider via their website.

    1. After you have successfully created your purchase order in Evergreen you can go back to the vendor website and clear your cart.

Placing Your Order

  1. Upload the MARC record file downloaded from the provider’s website.

  2. View Purchase Order

    1. When your Purchase Order has finished loading, click View Purchase Order.

      1. It may take a while for the View Purchase Order link to appear. Unless you get an error message the order is loading do NOT start the upload again.
      2. Wait a few minutes if the link does not appear Search for your pending purchase orders.
  3. Once your purchase order is displayed on screen verify

    1. Total Line Items
    2. Total Estimated
  4. Prepare Purchase Order for Activation

    1. Enter a Purchase Order name according to provider naming conventions

      1. Click Name enter a unique name.
      2. Example for ULS orders use LIBRARYMMDD. MPL0518
    2. Check the line item attributes and make any changes

      1. Click Expand All to view line item details
      2. Refer to the section called “Line Item Attributes” for details.
  5. Activate Purchase Order

    1. Click Activate Order
    2. Refer to the section called “Activate a Purchase Order” for details.
  6. View EDI Messages

    1. Evergreen will automatically send the order to your vendor via EDI
    2. Refer to EDI for details.

Receiving Your Items and Invoicing For Them

  1. Open the box
  2. Find the Invoice

    1. Verify that all the items on the invoice are in the box
  3. Search in Evergreen using Vendor Invoice ID

    1. Refer to search by invoice ID for details.
  4. Receive items

    1. Click Receive Items button on the invoice.
    2. Refer to the section called “Receive Items on the Invoice” for details.
  5. Verify Totals

    1. Edit Billed / Total amounts in Evergreen to match the paper invoice.
  6. Add Charges

    1. Click Add Charge to add lines for invoice charges such as shipping fee, processing fees or taxes.
    2. Refer to Chapter 27, Invoice Item Types for details.
  7. Close the Invoice

    1. Click Close
    2. Refer to the section called “Close an Invoice” for details.
  8. Information is forwarded to finance department/bookkeeper.

Cataloguing Your Items

  1. Update existing On Order copies

    1. Use ISBN to search the catalogue to find your item
    2. Refer to Numeric Search for details.
  2. Click Edit beside the item’s temporary barcode.

    1. Use the Holdings Editor to update the holdings information, including Item Attributes, as needed for each item.
    2. Refer to The Holdings Editor
  3. Use Z39.50 to overlay the brief record with a full record or do original cataloguing to replace brief bibliographic records.

    1. Refer to Overlay records via Z39.50 for details.
  4. Process items.

    1. As per your libraries processing specifications.
  5. Check in items.

    1. Items are now ready to circulate.

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