Workflow: Order from the Catalogue


Sitka’s Create Purchase Order from Scratch workflow - This workflow should be followed by libraries when brief On Order records are not available from the provider. This workflow assumes you are placing the order on the providers website (Amazon, etc.).

Select. Using existing bibliographic records from the Sitka catalogue you can add line items to a Purchase Order in four ways

  1. Click View/Place Order in Record Summary.

    1. Refer to View/Place Order for details.
  2. Load Catalog Record IDs.

    1. Refer to Chapter 8, Load Catalog Record IDs for details.
  3. MARC Federated Search.

    1. Refer to Chapter 7, MARC Federated Search for details.
  4. Add Brief Records.

    1. Refer to Add Brief Records for details.


  1. Open Purchase Order

    1. Search for your pending purchase orders.
  2. Add Copies

  3. Activate Purchase Order

Invoice and Receive

  1. Create an invoice from a purchase order or from a line item.
  2. Link Selected Line Items to Invoice.
  3. Receives Line Items.
  4. Add Charges

    1. Click Add Charge to add lines for invoice charges such as shipping fee, processing fees or taxes.
    2. Refer to Chapter 25, Invoice Item Types for details.
  5. Close the Invoice

    1. Click Close
    2. Refer to the section called “Close an Invoice” for details.
  6. Information is forwarded to finance department/bookkeeper.


  1. Update existing On Order copies

    1. Use ISBN to search the catalogue to find your item
    2. Refer to Numeric Search for details.
  2. Click Edit beside the item’s temporary barcode.

    1. Update Volume/Copy information for each item.
    2. Refer to Editing a Copy from OPAC View
  3. Use Z39.50 to overlay the brief record with a full record or do original cataloguing to replace brief bibliographic records.

    1. Refer to Overlay records via Z39.50 for details.
  4. Process items.

    1. As per your libraries processing specifications.
  5. Check in items.

    1. Items are now ready to circulate.

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