Sitka’s Evergreen Policy & Best Practices Manual

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. Introduction
About Policy and Best-Practice Documents
II. Approved Policy
2. Privacy Policy
Short Version
Detailed Version
3. Circulation Policies
BC OneCard Policy & Procedures
Holds and Search Policy
Fines Payment
Return of Items
Patron de-duplication
4. Inter Library Loan
Using Pre-cats for Incoming ILL
Using Brief MARC Records for Incoming ILL
Using Patron Accounts for Outgoing ILL
BC Inter Library Connect Policies
Spruce Inter Library Connect
5. Cataloguing Policy
Cataloguing Procedures
Series Cataloguing
Local Information in Cataloguing
Frequently Asked Questions
6. 3rd Party Service Integration
III. Best Practices
7. Return of Multi-Part Items to Non-Home Libraries
8. Patrons in Sitka
Patron Permanent Move
9. Annual Reports for Public Libraries Branch (BC)
BC Public Library Statistics
10. Annual Reports for Manitoba Public Library Services Branch (PLSB)
MB Public Library Statistics
A. Licensing

List of Tables

5.1. Library Specific Local Information
5.2. Item Specific Local Information

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