Part III. Cataloguing

Table of Contents

14. Searching the Database for Cataloguing Purposes
Search Preferences
Numeric Search
Keyword Search
MARC Search
Viewing Search Results for Cataloguing Purposes
15. Adding Holdings
Adding Holdings to Bibliographic Records
Item Labels
New Items and Holds
Adding Holdings for Electronic Resources
16. Maintaining Holdings
Holdings Editor
Holdings Editor Preferences
Holdings Templates
Item Alerts, Notes, Tags and Statistical Categories
Batch Editing Items
Replacing a Barcode
Transferring Holdings
Deleting Holdings
Deleting Holdings for Electronic Resources
17. Item Buckets
Creating/Deleting Item Buckets
Adding Items to a Bucket
Working with Items in a Bucket
Retrieving Shared Buckets
18. Adding Individual Records
Importing Bibliographic Records via Z39.50 Interface
Creating New Records for Bibliographic Resources
Creating New Records for Non-Bibliographic Resources
Creating New Records for Electronic Resources
Using Library Specific MARC Templates
Uploading Cover Images
19. Batch Loading Bibliographic Records
Batch Importing Bibliographic Records
20. Maintaining Bibliographic Records
Editing MARC Records
Enhanced MARC Editor
Flat Text Editor
Search Filters and Format Icons
Merging Bibliographic Records
Undeleting Bibliographic Records
Deleting Bibliographic Records
Exporting Bibliographic Records
21. Record Buckets
Creating Record Buckets
Sharing Record Buckets
Adding Records to a Record Bucket
Working with Records in a Record Bucket

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