Sitka’s Evergreen Documentation

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. New Features in Evergreen Version 3.9
Staff Client
Staff Catalogue
Public Catalogue
Course Reserves
Patron Notifications
2. Revisions and Attributions to Contributors
3. Sitka and Evergreen Resources
4. Sitka’s Evergreen Support
How to Contact Support
Guidelines for Support Requests
RT Self Service
5. Getting Started
Accessing the Evergreen Staff Client
Registering a Staff Workstation
Configuring Your Workstation
Keyboard Shortcuts
Downloading and Installing Hatch
6. Best Practices for Using the Browser
Setting Browser Defaults for Web Client
Bookmarks and Shortcuts
Browser Configuration
II. Circulation
7. Patron Accounts
Retrieving Patron Accounts
Working with Patron Accounts
Registering New Patrons
Editing Patron Accounts
Patron Account Fields
Patron Notes
User Buckets
Merging Patron Accounts
8. Circulation
Check Out
Check In
Barcode Completion
Renewing Items
Mark Items
In-House Use
Item Status
9. Bills and Payments
Billing a Patron
Making Payments
Refunding Payments
Adjusting the Bill Balance to Zero
Voiding Bills
Viewing Bill History
10. Holds
Working with Holds
Placing Holds
Viewing Holds
Managing Holds
Pull List for Hold Requests
Holds Filling Explained
Capturing Holds and Hold Transits
Holds Shelf
Managing Hold Groups
11. Items in Transit
When Will An Item Go In Transit?
Receive In Transit Items
Transit Details
Transit List
Cancel Transits
12. Self Check
Staff Functions in the Evergreen Self Check
Basic Check Out
Renew Items
View Items Out
View Holds
View Fines
13. Offline Circulation
Set up Workstations for Offline Circulation
Conduct Offline Transactions
Upload and Process Offline Transactions
Transfer Offline Transactions
III. Cataloguing
14. Searching the Database for Cataloguing Purposes
Search Preferences
Numeric Search
Keyword Search
MARC Search
Viewing Search Results for Cataloguing Purposes
15. Adding Holdings
Adding Holdings to Bibliographic Records
Item Labels
New Items and Holds
Adding Holdings for Electronic Resources
16. Maintaining Holdings
Holdings Editor
Holdings Editor Preferences
Holdings Templates
Item Alerts, Notes, Tags and Statistical Categories
Batch Editing Items
Replacing a Barcode
Transferring Holdings
Deleting Holdings
Deleting Holdings for Electronic Resources
17. Item Buckets
Creating/Deleting Item Buckets
Adding Items to a Bucket
Working with Items in a Bucket
Retrieving Shared Buckets
18. Adding Individual Records
Importing Bibliographic Records via Z39.50 Interface
Creating New Records for Bibliographic Resources
Creating New Records for Non-Bibliographic Resources
Creating New Records for Electronic Resources
Using Library Specific MARC Templates
Uploading Cover Images
19. Batch Loading Bibliographic Records
Batch Importing Bibliographic Records
20. Maintaining Bibliographic Records
Editing MARC Records
Enhanced MARC Editor
Flat Text Editor
Search Filters and Format Icons
Merging Bibliographic Records
Undeleting Bibliographic Records
Deleting Bibliographic Records
Exporting Bibliographic Records
21. Record Buckets
Creating Record Buckets
Sharing Record Buckets
Adding Records to a Record Bucket
Working with Records in a Record Bucket
IV. Public Catalogue
22. Search the Public Catalogue
Basic Search
Advanced Search
Numeric Search
Expert Search
Browse the Catalogue
Search Tips
Search Methodology
Search Results
23. Public Catalogue Holds
Placing Holds
Unsuccessful Hold Messages
Additional Hold Options
24. My Account
Logging into My Account
Resetting Your Password
Request a Library Card
Account Summary
Account Preferences
Items Checked Out
25. Baskets and Lists
Adding Titles to the Basket
Removing Titles from the Basket
Batch Actions Through the Basket
Creating Lists
Adding Titles to a List
Managing Titles in a List
Managing Lists
26. Integrated E-Items
Checking Out E-Items
Placing Holds on E-Items
Checked Out and On Hold E-Items in My Account
27. Course Reserves
Search Course Reserves
Course Lists
V. Reports
28. Reporter Overview
29. Accessing the Reporter
30. Folders
Creating Folders
Managing Folders
Sharing Folders
31. Using the Reporter
Cloning a Report Template
Running a Report
Viewing Report Output
Maintaining Reporter Data
32. Shared Sitka Templates
What’s in Sitka_templates
33. Modifying Report Templates
34. Creating Report Templates
35. Report Template Editor
Basic Information
Display Field and Filter Selector
Display Field and Filter Tabs
Template Terminology
36. Troubleshooting Report Templates
37. The Evergreen Database
Commonly Used Tables
VI. Simple Reports
38. Simple Reports
VII. Serials
39. Serials Administration
Serial Item Templates
Prediction Pattern Templates
Serials Settings
40. Serials Subscriptions
Create and Manage Subscriptions
Create and Manage Predictions
Create and Manage Issues
41. Serials Receiving
Receive Issues
Batch Receive
42. Special Issues
Adding Extra Copies
Adding Special Issues
43. Routing List
44. Serials Binding
Apply a Binding Template
Bind Received Issues Together
VIII. Inventory
45. Running Inventory
Preparing for Inventory
Running Inventory with the Staff Client
Running Inventory with the Offline Module
Running Inventory with a Portable Barcode Scanner
46. Reporting on Inventory
IX. Course Reserves
47. Implementing Course Reserves
48. Course Reserves Administration
Creating Terms
Creating Courses
Attaching a Course to a Term
Associating Materials With a Course
Adding a User to a Course
49. Old Course Reserves Administration
Creating Course Reserve Lists
Adding Course Reserves
Editing/Removing Course Reserves
50. Using the Old Course Reserves
X. Booking
51. Booking Module
Create Booking reservations
Reservation Pull List
Capture Resources for Reservations
Pick Up Reservations
Return Reservations
Manage Reservations
52. Booking Module Administration
Creating Bookable Non-Bibliographic Resources
Editing Non-Bibliographic Resources
Deleting Non-bibliographic Resources
XI. Administration
53. Administration Overview
54. Workstation Administration
Registered Workstations
Printer Settings
Print Templates
Stored Preferences
Print Service ("Hatch")
Include Full Library Names in Library Selector
Search Preferences
55. Local Administration
Age Overdue Circs to Lost
Cash Reports
Circulation Policies
Closed Dates Editor
Group Penalty Thresholds
Hold Policies
Hopeless Holds
Item Alert Suppression
Item Tags
Library Settings Editor
Non-catalogued Type Editor
Hold-driven Recall
Shelving Location Editor
Shelving Location Groups
Shelving Location Order
Statistical Category Editor
Transit List
Work Log
56. Server Administration
Age Hold Protect Rules
Call Number Prefix and Suffix
Circulation Modifiers
Floating Group
Hard Due Date
Item Statuses
Organizational Units
57. Evergreen Self Check Administrative Set-up
58. Public Catalogue Customizations
Search Library Scope
My Account Login
Patron Settings
59. Sitka’s Patron Deletion Tool
Accessing the Patron Deletion Tool
Deleting Inactive Cards
Deleting Patron Accounts
Undeleting Patron Accounts
60. Library Staff Accounts
Creating Library Staff Accounts
Editing Library Staff Accounts
Resetting Staff Account Password
Staff Account Permission Groups
Granting Additional Permissions to Staff Accounts
Searching for Library Staff Accounts
Closing Library Staff Accounts
61. Patron Notifications
Email Notifications
Checking for Notifications
Courtesy Notifications
Overdue Notifications
Circulation Notifications
Hold Notifications
Patron Account Related Notifications
62. Evergreen System Requirements
A. Licensing
B. Character Codes for Leader and 008 Field Grid
C. Report Definition Examples
Circulation Related Statistics
Collection Management
Collection Promotion
Patron Management

List of Tables

5.1. Keyboard Shortcuts
54.1. Text Formatting
54.2. Date Formatting
54.3. Currency Formatting
54.4. Any Type of Print Template
54.5. Bills, Current
54.6. Bills, Historical
54.7. Bills, Payment
54.8. Checkin
54.9. Checkout
54.10. Hold Pull List
54.11. Hold Shelf Slip
54.12. Hold Transit Slip
54.13. Holds for Bib Record
54.14. Holds for Patron
54.15. In-House Use List
54.16. Item Status
54.17. Items Out
54.18. Patron Address
54.19. Patron Note
54.20. Renew
54.21. Transit List
54.22. Transit Slip
55.1. Data Types in the Library Settings Editor
55.2. Booking
55.3. Cataloging
55.4. Circulation
55.5. Credit Card Processing
55.6. Ebook API Integration
55.7. Finances
55.8. GUI: Graphic User Interface
55.9. Global
55.10. Holds
55.11. Library
55.12. OPAC
55.13. Offline and Program
55.14. Receipt Templates and SMS Text Message
55.15. Security
55.16. Self Check and Others
55.17. Vandelay
62.1. Recommended Internet Connection Speeds

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